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Watching you with both eyes closed.
Oh man. Been a long time. A new year, even! Happy New Year, everyone!

So where do I start? Cue bullets:
  • First off, thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of everything with my stepfather. Unfortunately the chemotherapy was unable to help eliminate the cancer in his system. He had surgery to remove the tumor and has finished all his radiation therapy sessions. We're waiting to see how he does in the coming months. He says he's "alright" but things can change overnight.
  • It's been more than a year since my orthodontic surgery. feels good, man, even though I still don't have all the feeling back in my face. I think the doctor may have nicked a cluster of nerves on the right side of my face - if slight pressure is applied, it's fairly painful. I can live with that, though. Should be posting a video and some more recent shots of me in the near future.
  • Tremendous amount of birthday wishes came in this year on December 15th. Big thanks to you all! The folks and I made reservations at Toku in Americana Manhasset and had ourselves a fine dining experience, as always.
  • So many things happened between Christmas Eve and the second of January that I'm actually having trouble remembering what it is I did. I'll try to figure it all (with pics!) behind the cut: I call it 2K10 because I'm a snob like that.Collapse )

    Random ending bit: So now I'm trying to collect all the Japanese One Piece manga volumes + the accompanying LOG books. That's my yearly WANT purchase. Dunno how far I'll get but I sure as hell will get my hands on at least ONE volume this year. If you guys spot any good deals, give me a holler! haha
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Watching you with both eyes closed.
This latest turn of events is heavy and painful to think about. Not only is my mental health at stake but my immediate future has crept its way into a gray zone.

My stepfather was diagnosed with lung cancer last Friday. It's bad. My mom is in shambles and it's killing me inside. The timing on this couldn't have possibly have been any worse. I'm being asked to put aside my grad school dreams and help the family for as long as is required. I'm afraid that this, on top of my mother's constant worry/care for her parents, will really mess with her mind. Thinking about being the only immediate family to her is way beyond depressing for us both...

The future's changed. Big time, as far as I'm concerned. The next step is hazy but it's there. What kind of person will I be once this is all over? I probably shouldn't think about that but I can't help but wonder.

I look to all you readers as my strength, my lifeline. I know that some of you have gone through this/are going through a similar situation... I apologize in advance if I become somewhat of a ghost but I want you to know that I'm still keeping tabs on you everyone of you. We'll be sure to make plenty of new memories as time ticks on and those I look forward to. Stay safe. Stay happy.
Watching you with both eyes closed.
Nice shoes for $10? Yes, please.


A real entry is coming. Really real. Really.
Watching you with both eyes closed.
21 December 2008 @ 05:02 am
A little less than 24 hours from now, I'll have arrived at Winthrop University Hospital.

A little less than 27 hours from now, I'll have begun to've been operated on.

A little less than 30 hours from now, I'll be a totally different person and yet the same.

This journey begun around 4 years ago. To have finally reached the apex... well, it's just a mess of emotions. To know that, with G-d's help, everything will conclude sometime in the middle of next year... once again the mess of emotions.

I joke about "Yan Mk II" and the "new Yan" openly but the reality of the situation is more depressing. I'm scared of change this drastic. I knew there was no going back as of 2 years ago when the actual physical process began but I'll always wonder what it would've been like had I declined.

No regrets.
Watching you with both eyes closed.
11 October 2008 @ 06:37 pm

Friday, the 26th of September, was when I met Christina. Oh, right. I didn’t even tell you who this person was or why I had to meet her. About a week and a half prior to this day, my mother asked me to look after this girl, the daughter of an old medical school friend, for an entire weekend. She was told to be coming from Russia on her first trip to NYC and had some interest in an escort around the Big Apple. I couldn’t turn down the chance to get a blank check, so to say, to the city for an entire weekend (that and the fact that my mom basically told me I had to do it), so I signed up for it. The date kind of sprang up on me seeing as how the past few days were fairly busy (read: last entry). After classes that day I headed back to Nassau County where Christina, a name I had only learned not an hour before our first encounter, was waiting for me with my parents. Initial impressions: Cute girl. Nice body. This could be fun~ Anyways… we were all invited to a birthday of a class family friend, out in Queens. I told my folks I’d be taking my car and that they should bring their own just in case I wanted to leave early. They were fine with that and we both took off. Christina shotgunned my car so the entire trip there was used to get to know her better. A 20 year old (21 in a week or two) senior in college at Moscow University, she originally hails from the ice barrens of Siberia. Well damn. Can’t complain about the cold with her, huh? She was a linguistics major who studied English and Spanish and whose hobbies included clubbing and ballet dancing. The next few days would be amusing to listen in on seeing as how our conversations were a mix of randomly-placed Russian and English phrases. The party was held at a Thai restaurant on Queens Boulevard. The food was alright but the crowd was a bit too old for our liking. We stayed for a little while, during which she showed me some pictures on her online account (http://vkontakte.ru/ - look familiar?) and talked about how college life was like in Moscow. Apparently the people there are super critical of what you wear when you come to school, even more so than we are here. If you don’t have one of a list of certain brands on you, you were pretty much considered a loser and an outcast. HARSH. After eating a bit more, we told everyone we had to set off for another party (which wasn’t a lie, technically speaking). It was also my cousin, Roy’s, birthday. He decided to go out with some of his friends (including two of my house mates, Danny and Amy) to the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden out in Astoria. The weather on this particular weekend was fairly rainy so we were worried that we’d have to sit inside but luckily there was no precipitation at the time. We joined Roy and his friends at a bench and shot the shit. Random topics included the Olympics, 9/11, college, traveling and city landmarks. We left a bit early so that we could get some sleep for the busy weekend of city-crawling but not before I bumped into an old buddy who I used to live with during my sophomore year. Good times were reminded of and then… home.

October 26th was a rainy Saturday. Well, this I assumed the moment I woke up and looked outside. It was pretty dry but was quite overcast on my area of the island. Christina got up a little later and we both sat down to some breakfast before (barely) catching the LIRR into Penn Station. Luckily, I grabbed the two umbrellas lying in the trunk of my car prior to getting on the train, which we used extensively through the remainder of the day. Time for a confession: This day would be my first time navigating the MTA subway system all by my lonesome. Once more lucky, I had downloaded the entire map of the tunnels to my phone quite some time ago. It was my bible for the day. Anyhoo, pouring the moment we got to the city. I planned out some locations we could go and simply began the day by heading for the Museum of Natural History. I’d heard there was a Lego exhibit and I’m fairly sure that would keep both our interest for some time. Unfortunately, not only was there no Lego exhibit but Christina didn’t even enjoy going to museums, apparently. So it was my job to figure out how to plan accordingly on the spot. A walk through Central Park gave me enough time to get a rough idea of what she’d enjoy, something I probably should have done a while ago. Odd side note: She was simply mesmerized by the squirrels. In Russia, those little furry bastards would run away if you got within 15 feet of them. Of course, to no one’s surprise (of you readers), the squirrels here practically stand next to you without the slightest bother. She took a bunch of pictures and we set off for… the local IMAX. Christina’s a big movie buff and really found it “attractive” if she could watch a movie on a huge, high-definition screen like the one at Lincoln Square. Knowing this, I began to point out locations and various bits of movie trivia regarding ones filmed in NYC (like Night at the Museum being shown at the Museum of Natural History and that one scene from Enchanted where the cyclists ran over the Prince in Central Park). We got to the Loews with the IMAX but were disappointed to find that there were no 3D movies on display, at the time. We settled for Eagle Eye, not knowing what to expect. Let me tell you folks… One of the best movies of the year. I’d say it’s just about as good as Dark Knight. You could turn your brain off and really have a great time with this action thriller. Was THAT much more awesome with the explosions in surround sound and beautiful visuals on a gigantic display. By the time the movie was over, we were both starving and wanted to have ourselves a nice lunch. I asked her if she liked chocolate, already knowing the answer. Our destination was Chocolate by the Bald Man (http://www.maxbrenner.com/). Union Square was where it was located so we got back onto the subway and headed downtown. Looked extremely busy, as per usual, when we approached the restaurant. We got lucky yet again when they seated us right away. We had a FEAST thanks to my mom’s generosity and left with big smiles on our faces and that much more fat in our bellies. I figured that I should show Christina the landmark buildings in the city so we went back uptown to check out Rockefeller Center. On the walk from the subway, we noticed some police officers posing with pedestrians for pictures. Christina wanted a shot so I asked if they wouldn’t mind and pushed her into them (I was the photographer for the weekend with the exception of the squirrels – after all, she was the one visiting the city, not me). I was complimented by some random man saying that she was lucky to have a guy like me (WAT). When we arrived to the area, Christina started looking for the Russian flag amongst the hordes of them around the rink. Before we found it, a foreign couple came over and offered to take a picture of us with the building in the background. In return, a picture of them. Everyone wins. Haha. Turns up the flag was right before our eyes. I tried getting as best a shot I could of Christina with the flag seeing as how it was already getting dark. As we left the area, Christina informed me that she’d like to purchase a gift for my mother (she gave my stepfather and I shirts from this place she worked at, as a gift, the night before) so I ushered her into that Japanese sweets store next to where Kinokuniya used to be. She bought something. I bought something. The next and final place to visit for the day would be Times Square. At night, gorgeous, as always. Still swarming with people from all sides. When we arrived, something happened to catch my eye that I’d never noticed before. That’s probably because it was fairly new. An M&M’s World StoreCollapse ) had been installed across the famous Times Square billboard building. Not sure why we didn’t step in… Before leaving, I snapped a picture of thisCollapse ). Can’t really make it out but it’s a giant “I’M A PC” ad from Windows. This made me chuckle for reasons most can guess. We began to walk back to Madison Square Garden to catch our train back when I noticed some people in cosplay walking down the street. I didn’t know what to think at first but then realized that I had totally forgotten that New York Anime Festival was taking part this weekend. It’s good that I was reminded. As soon as we got back, I dropped Christina off at home to relax and headed off to bluucircles’s home to deliver the third season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wasn’t sure if she had returned to NY for the event but later found out that she did. Got back home and Christina and I sat down for some tea and cake. At this point, we were just chilling on the couch in the living room and the next moment, we’re all cuddling and stuff. I don’t know how things worked out that way but who was I to complain. I mean… I was kind of tipped off earlier when she was resting her head on my shoulder during our train ride back but still. Even though my feet were angry at me for all the walking, my mind would go to sleep happy that night.

That Sunday, the 28th day of September, was yet another venture into the city, albeit this time via car. Both she and I admired the skyline before heading into the Tunnel. The drive continued down Bleecker Street where Christina was able to admire all the fashionable and young people. I’d really like to return there, this time by foot, sometime in the near future. Got an awesome parking spot and set off. Our first destination was the South Street Seaport where we got some nice shots of all the bridges (along with yet another “waterfall” – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2125755&id=16301191) and looked at the ships docked. We didn’t have much of a breakfast so we decided to grab some lunch nearby. SuteishiCollapse ) was the restaurant we went for, seeing as how she had a hankering for some sushi. We were seated outside – thankfully the rain was done, most of the skies were blue and the weather generally felt nice to the skin. Really good dining (once more thanks to mom for the monies) that I’d recommend to just about anyone. Check it out if you’re ever in the South Street Seaport areaCollapse ). Random LOLCollapse ) moment for me that I had to explain to Christina followed, as we walked off our lunch. From there, we went to the former site of the World Trade Center. After all, I’m sure people from all over the world are curious to see this particular landmark. ThisCollapse ) is what the current site looks like. Passersby really set the mood of silence to be the norm. The next and final destination was Battery Park City. From the edge of the water, we took in a good view of the Statue of Liberty. The first signs of night had begun to show and so we just happened to see the pretty lit-up version. After walking down the water-view path, we headed back towards the car via Wall Street. Checked out the various buildings there, totally unaware of the following weeks of mayhem to come. Drove home through a really bad downpour and got totally drenched when we stepped out of the car. Christina crashed while I downloaded and viewed the final episode of Code Geass R2… after which I was upset to say goodbye to the series. Then sleep.

The 29th, Monday, and everyday afterwards is pretty much boring. Christina left for Moscow that afternoon. I stayed home through the evening and welcomed in the Jewish New Year with my mother and stepfather.

Tuesday was another slow day. I watched ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’ and actually thought it wasn’t too bad. I definitely believe that I feel more for the Gay community after watching it so if that was the intention, good for them. Afterwards, I spent the late afternoon “stimulating the economy” by going to purchase something for my room at the major brand stores. I checked out Target first… only to be greeted by thisCollapse ). Since when was Domo-kun so prevalent in the states? Anyways, couldn’t find what I was looking for at Target so I went on to Walmart. As I approach the entrance, I notice someone familiar exiting - an old high school friend. We chat for a little bit and then part. Found what I needed here and went home.

Wednesday was the first day of the current month. Drove back to Port Jefferson and spent the day “fall” cleaning my room.

Since then, downloaded ProtoCollapse ) Man and Endless Stage Modes on the 8th (friggin’ love them both), caught a nasty cold at the beginning of this past week, fasted for Yom Kippur (no food or water – it destroyed me, no thanks to the cold) and took a bunch of midterms. And that’s all.

Check out the artist for my current music. Really good tunage.

Hope everyone’s fall is going good.
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Watching you with both eyes closed.
02 October 2008 @ 01:15 am

The Saturday before last (September 20th) is how far we’re going back this time around. I was invited to a friend’s birthday party in Queens so after a nice breakfast at Toast and some homework completed, I headed right on over. Take note: these are the category of friends whose ages border 30 and go up to 40. In other words, I was the youngest one there. Would have been an odd event if it weren’t for the fact that I met them when I was in my late teens. It’s a very comfortable audience to spend time with. It’s simply a plus that many of them happen to hold fairly important positions in their respective industry fields. I was invited to a movie premiere (one of those red carpet affairs, albeit a little smaller) for Frontrunners (http://www.frontrunnersthefilm.com/) but had to turn it down due to a really badly timed midterm. Next time around, though. More on the other people if anyone inquires. Otherwise, I got some plenty of good BBQ dining and beer in me and headed back to my house (in Nassau). Aarti stopped by for a little bit and we watched some House MD that I recorded from some time ago. She left and then I watched a few more episodes before crashing.

Sunday, the 21st, was a fairly laid-back day that consisted of a trip to the mall during the first half of the day and a trek out to Flushing later at night. Met up with my cousin (Roy) and checked the Apple store at Roosevelt Field for an adapter so I could properly listen to music on my phone (with a 3.5mm male). Nothing there so we simply browsed other stores. Wandered into Dylan’s Candy Bar in search of boxes of gummi tape for him and a friend. While Roy was locating what he needed, I went over to random spots in the store. Found this amusing chocolate bar that I may or may not purchase for some of my friends: DeliciousCollapse ) Drove over to Flushing with the cousin to grab some Korean BBQ with 2 of my housemates. As usual, light on the wallet and well-served for the palate. While walking to our destination, an odd sign caught my eye… OMC!Collapse ). Kinda odd, wouldn’t you say. Before continuing on, I did a little more investigating and found that this place is quite classyCollapse ). Next time you’re in Flushing, check out the jointCollapse ). Afterwards, went home and prepared some clean laundry for my early departure to school for the next day. Sleep.

The 22nd of September seemed like an ordinary day when I woke up… until I went on Joystiq to find out MEGA MAN 9 was being released on WiiWare that morning! There was no release date set for the US but we did know that the JPN release was that day. What a great way to start the day… EXCEPT MY WII IS IN MY HOME OUT EAST. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Threw on my ‘Say Hello To My Little Friend’ Mega Man tee for the occasion and hurried on over to Port Jefferson. The moment I parked in the driveway, I dashed into the house, purchased some Wii points and began the download. Didn’t even feel like unloading my packed car until I was sure I had MM9. By some awesome internet connection that day, it finished in under a minute and I was ready to play. At this point, responsible Yan kicked in and I understood that I had to empty my car and make some order in my room. As soon as that was done, generous Yan took the reigns. There’s this general Anime/Gaming club at Stony Brook in our Union building. The room they (nearly 200 members!) inhabit is quite large. Within it, one may find a dozen couches and nearly as many TVs (not to mention a large manga and DVD library). Why do I mention this? Well… I decided to bring in my Wii for those people who left their Wiis back home and couldn’t get their hands on them until their next return (which in some cases is Thanksgiving WAT). I quickly watched the intro to the game before unplugging the system and lugging it over to school. Seems like only one other person knew MM9 was out that day. I mentioned to some of my friends that I had the game and I was instantly ushered over to the second largest TV in the room (the first being assigned to anime viewing). Before I could even plug it in, there already was a crowd of people waiting to watch. This crowd would grow to 30+ people as time went on. Every time I beat a boss, applause. Then once more to the voting of who to tackle next. I got through the game in about 4 hours due to really poor luck with boss weaknesses and just general exploration and laughter. Many people, myself included, ended up skipping the classes for the day to enjoy the game. Once I was done, I handed over the controller to other people who created their own save files and went on their merry way while I grabbed a late lunch with other friends. Before leaving school that night, I beat the game once more, this time in 2 hours. Since then, I’ve beaten the game twice more but have had the hankering to play it nearly every day (which I couldn’t afford to do since one day is enough to give me quite a bit of work). I’ve got 60% of the challenges list completed but am slowly working on getting the hardest achievements. In all the MM9 commotion, I happened to miss the Heroes season premiere. Thanks to streaming content, I was able to check that and the latest episode during this long weekend that recently past. Will comment on Heroes a bit later.

Tuesday and Wednesday (23 & 24) were spent catching up on work. Nothing too interesting.

The 25th of September (Thursday) is when things got lively once more. I drove back to Nassau county during the first half of the day so as to get a haircut, shave and to pick up my black pants + button-down + tie combo. For what? Well, I happened to be Devin’s date that evening for an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) benefit dinner at Carlyle on the Green in Bethpage. The weather was unusually shitty (not unlike regular Fall weather but it would end up lingering for quite a few day… LAME) so I had to accommodate for transportation times. Before leaving, I couldn’t quite pick out a tie for the occasion. Ended up wearing this scarlet one… which happened to work fantastically with Devin’s dress that evening. She, by the way, looked fantastic in her outfit. Unfortunately, the only image of the both of us is still (I believe) on her camera. Would be a shame if it didn’t come out at all because I think we looked quite good together. Anyways, this was an event that K-Buzz intended to do something with, therefore Devin’s being there. For the specifics, ask wingsablaze000. Highlights from the night involve a big cheese wheel (as seen on Facebook), OpenBarCollapse ), Devin being congratulated on presenting an awesome speech (… yeah.), a tray of big Black & White cookiesCollapse ) with one of them looking like someone already took a bite out of it, a main course having steak (most well steak I’ve ever tasted) and (spinach-stuffed) chicken and veggies rather than just one or the other, one of 3 wallsCollapse ) of desserts and just the fact that each individual ticket to get in was $300 worth. Devin did what she needed to do and did a fine job, to boot. We spent some geeky time together (watching Mega Man youtube videos – hare hare yukai, included) before we went our separate ways. Really a great time out that night. Thanks so much, Devin. I drove back to Stony Brook and hit the hay because Friday was going to be a fairly long day.

My “adventures” were only half over at this point in time. I’d like to collect my memories about the past week before I make the next entry. Give it another day or two. I’ll just leave it at… my legs are still tired.


As an aside, the Nintendo DSi, huh? Do want. On top of that, I also just found out about a Klonoa of the Wind: Door to Phantomile remake for the Wii. I've got the original Playstation title (as well as its sequel and one of the GBA titles) and I've got to say that it's my overall favorite 2.5D platformer and is definitely in my top 3 overall platformers.

FUCK YEEEEERRRR to saving WiiWare and Virtual Console titles to SD cards in 2009. Better bring that right on over, Regwata.

Lil' Mac returns in a new Punch Out? Dang... but I don't want to use the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Dynasty Warriors for Wii? It's probably going to look pretty piss poor.

Also great news that Wii and DS's getting a Tales game.

GCN titles being remade for the Wii? Hmm... LUIGI'S MANSION WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! But seriously, I really liked that game.

Mario & Luigi 3. <3

My bank account's already crying.
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Watching you with both eyes closed.
Sleep deprivation's a funny thing. You try to remember things you need for the present time and yet these long-forgotten memories start to rear their ugly heads. To indulge and ponder away the time is tempting...

So this past weekend played out entirely unlike anything I imagined. Just about everything planned (and mentioned in my last entry) ended up falling apart, spectacularly, might I add. Basically, I spent just about all of Saturday and most of Sunday at the summer house. Relaxing? Nah. Studying's more like it. Due to some poor organizational skills on others' parts, I wasn't able to make either Saturday event work for me. So that explains some random factual twitters that popped up over the past 2 days.

Here's something odd: My taste in music has taken a dramatic turn over the past few months. If you were to accompany me in my car, you'd be forced to listen to all various kinds of rock and rock fusion. I basically have my XM station tuned to Ethel, 24/7. Some older stuff is getting my attention, as well (peep the current 'Listening to' for a really good one). I haven't abandoned electronica but I'm definitely not nearly as obsessed as I used to be. Anyways, feel free to recommend me some of your favorite bands and tunes. I'll be sure to give them a listen and let you know what I think.

Fall's mostly here. Winter's just around the corner, then. Farmers Almanac and various groups of scientists are calling that this coming winter season will be fairly harsh, especially so on the East Coast. I'm not sure how to feel about this, actually. On the one hand, I would love pounds and pounds of snow to play in. On the other, snow management, traffic conditions and, worst of all, the frigid cold, I can do without. Here's hoping for more of the former and less of the latter.
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Watching you with both eyes closed.
12 September 2008 @ 01:05 am
To receive a response like this from numerous people for something as simple as giving out a hug... well, it's an amazing feeling. The other day (Sept. 10), I took part in Free Hugs Day for the second year in a row. Dug up my old Free Hugs sign, patched it up a bit and then wished for the best weather possible. While I only hugged around 100 people this time around, I feel like this year was even more of a success. After all, it's quality, not quantity, when it comes to hugs. I think. Either way, the weather was perfect and everything went swimmingly. The commentary, as always, was quite amusing. I'll share it in person with anyone who's interested.

I've decided on, have picked up and begun reading that book from the list I mentioned, from my last entry: KRAKATOA - The Day The World Exploded: August 27, 1883 So far it's got my full attention. If I could read this one without having to place tabs and record data, I'd definitely go through with it. It really piques my curiosity bone.

In other news, the semester's pretty much rolling on quite well at this point in time. Classes are good and bad. Work is plentiful. Life isn't all too difficult... yet. I've met and made friends with quite a few people including many new freshman. It feels kinda nice to be able to chime in on old chemistry and biology courses and actually have some valid input. Either way, I'll post updates about it regularly.

This Saturday. HO BOY. I've got to juggle my time properly if I want to make this work out. I've got to attend a 60th birthday party during the first half of the day (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out east) and then make it on back to Stony Brook... TO MEET UP WITH OLD FRIENDS FROM MISHIMA! 3 of the people who pampered us during our stay in Japan have come to visit so we're throwing them a party. Gonna be fun to hang once more with my main man, YasumasaCollapse ).

Partied hard while overseas so it's only natural that we party even harder at home. If it all works out, this should be a ton of fun.
Watching you with both eyes closed.
I'm currently enrolled in a very interesting course pertaining to natural disasters and the sociology behind them. In reality, it's just a history course that discusses the worst of the worst that humans documented. The first lecture was today and I've already had my share of MINDBLOWNedness. I've got to choose a book from a list of some hundred odd with natural disasters being the topic and write a book review. I'm thinking of getting this out of the way right now before things get icky. My others classes are all generic science and Asian American studies crappola. Here's hoping for the best of this semester.

First football game of the season is tomorrow night - New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins. Eyes will be glued to the tube. Don't forget to cheer for your favorites. GO GIANTS!!

Check out the current tune I'm listening to. It's a nice rock/electronica fusion track that I heard on the radio earlier today.

Also, wtf?!Collapse ) GIVE IT BAAAAAAACK.
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Watching you with both eyes closed.
So college starts anew in a few hours... but it really doesn't feel like that, now does it. I spent the greater half of the evening meeting up with my good Stony buddies and catching up. Already a slew of new inside jokes were made, random summer stories were shared and many, MANY laughs were had. Awesome time was awesome.

In other news, my main man John O'D braved treacherous waters and climbed cliffs to bring me back some awesome purchases from Otakon.

Loot!Collapse )

By the way, I'm still extremely jealous about his chance to ask Kappei Yamaguchi a question. Check out the video here to see what Usopp's VA has to say about the location of Sniper Island, where a certain hero happens to hail from: WAGOOOOMU
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